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The publication of For Real marks the first time that Visone's photographs will appear in a book, showcasing her incredible work that bridges the gap between commercial photography and fine art. Consisting of 61 images with a foreword by noted photographer Cig Harvey, For Real presents intimate portraits of famous musicians and Visone’s own family, blurring the lines between private life, fame, and public persona. In her photographs, Visone portrays her family and friends as rock stars while presenting renowned rock musicians with the intimacy of friends and family. Which one of her subjects is a public figure and which is her sister, cousin, or mother? Visone makes it difficult to tell as she treats every subject equally with respect and love. For Real was designed by award-winning photo book designer Ashly Stohl and is available in two editions: a hardbound trade edition and a limited edition featuring a signed trade edition and one of four signed and numbered prints. The book will be available for sale online from Peanut Press on September 5, 2018.

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